How Much Does a Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Leather Bag Really Cost?

Those tubular tote handles, the smell of quality leather, and—gah!—accordion sides.
If you’re uncertain of which Hollywood It bag we’re alluding to then feast your eyes on the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Leather Tote Bag—trusty carry-all to celebs like Gigi Hadid, Reese Witherspoon and Kate Moss.
You may wonder why such a standard-looking bag rings in at upwards of $1,990, but its classic design and number of counterfeit counterparts is a testament to its appeal.
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But let’s be real: Not many can drop a couple Gs on a bag. For most of us, it takes savvy saving and sacrifices to get the high-priced items we desire. What exactly does it take to get your own authentic copy of Gigi’s Croc-Embossed iteration (ringing in at $2,990)? We break it down in more, um, interesting terms.
ESC, How much does it really cost?
Kailey Strachan for E! Online
Using a highly scientific approach called fifth grade math, we calculated costs based on competitive wholesale warehouses prices…because Costco samples, duh.
Toilet paper: At $68.99 for 80 rolls of two-ply (only the best for that bottom), a lifetime of bathroom paper pretty much equates to that handbag.
Ramen: At $8.09 for 24 bowls of steamy, comforting goodness, you can call breakfast, lunch and dinner served for about $1 a day. Yes, this bag is worth 8 years, 57.5 weeks or 2,990 days of instant sodium shock.
Laundry: If it takes $1.25 to wash and $1 to dry a load, you’re literally looking at the biggest mountain of clothes to fold.
TV: If the federal minimum wage is $7.25, you’re looking at 412 hours of good, ol’ American hustling to earn that bag…or a ridiculously long Bravo marathon.
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Gas: Based on a 12 gallon tank and the national average of $2.38 per gallon, you’re looking at almost 105 fill-ups. Road trip, anyone?
Pressed Juices: These things are not cheap. At $45 for a set of 6, you can enjoy 396 bottles of all the kale, spinach and ginger goodness you want.
Parking tickets: Los Angeles parking is notoriously brutal. But at $68 a fine, you can stick it to the man about 44 times without worrying if the meter is up.
Wizarding World of Harry Potter: For $150 a pop, you can visit Hogwarts about 20 times. That’s a lot of butter beer…
Health care: Given this writer’s personal info, health care is affordable but still isn’t cheap at $173 a month. It’s the law to be insured, but for that bag, an apple a day might just have to suffice.
So, is it worth it?