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Origin will give leather artisans a new platform at NS

The best artisans in Italy, including those who work with leather, are to have a new showcase for their craftsmanship at the NS event in May.

NS’s main focus will continue to be gold and jewellery, but organising company, Fiera di Vicenza, has announced that it will this year add a new component, Origin.

Origin is the idea of Fiera di Vicenza’s new executive chairman, Matteo Marzotto, who is famous in the luxury industry for his work on the Valentino and some brands, selling the former in 2007 and the latter in 2005. Since negotiating the sale of Vionnet two years ago to Kazakh businesswoman Goga Askenazi in a deal that he told the Financial Times was “super successful” (although the price has remained undisclosed), Mr Marzotto worked first to promote tourism in Italy before turning his attention to promoting artisan craftsmanship.

He told the FT recently: “As a civil servant, I realised I was attracted by promoting good Italian products and good Italian craftsmanship.”

Origin will give artisans a platform to show buyers in the global luxury accessories sector what they are able to offer, in leather, stone, textiles and other materials.

Image shows Rome-based leathergoods artisan Davide Leoni with some of his products.